Sunday, June 28, 2009


I thought I'd add a new segment on vinyl records I've found round the traps for just a couple of dollars. I'm no crate-digger but I do have the odd crate and I have a really disproportionate, emotional relationship with my vinyl and I really enjoy finding funny old records in strange little shops and buying them for loose change.

The cover was ratty on this one but it looked to me when I found it last week that it hadn't been played. $2 for this. Shirley Bassey started making records in 1957. Her biggest hit, Goldfinger, for a Bond movie, was in '67. She was reprised thirty years later by The Propellerheads when Fatboy Slim proved big-beat would chart.

This record was more a humble big-band orchestra-soul thing from 1969, a retreat from Goldfinger even. It has the Broadway song I'll Never Fall In Love Again on it but I kind of like this poignant but strong rainy-day-woman epiphany at the tail of Side A.

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