Saturday, July 5, 2008

king of the world

First Jay Z mashes up Oasis and AC/DC at Glastonbury...

Then Jay-Z mashes U2 into his own mash of Bobby Blue Bland, at Glastonbury...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

the ruby three.2

no burble, just tunes. the second in a regular ruby series.

lowell fulsom tramp (mp3 removed)
Big old blues singer, dead, this song a '67 soul-funk special later covered by Otis (Redding) and Carla (Thomas).

midfield general teddy bear (mp3 removed)
In which Damien Harris from Skint goes all 10-4 big buddy on yo ass in a Daisy Duke/big-beat/rock-spider/cripple-love style. From new album General Disarray. Disturbing.

shearwater the snow leopard (mp3 removed)
Intense falsetto-led Texan orchestra-rock from the lovely but difficult new album Rook, in which seabird themes, post-rock and nu-folk swim through oil.