Monday, June 1, 2009

the ruby three.3

Currently feeling:

Strange anthemic mnml from the year 2000 on Koze's Music is Okay album. Blumfeld are a German chart-pop band; the 'original' is theirs. Loverboy was the first ever track released by Bug's Poker Flat label in '99 or so. Here DJ Koze, also German, a Kompakt/Get Physical man, kind of mashes both. 

Sweet Lily's 2009 stuff is shit and so are all the remixes except this one from Swedish oddball mnmlist Style of Eye aka Linus Eklow who has recorded for Classic, Dirty Bird and Pickadoll.

Lovely old jazzy drum 'n' bass from 1997. Vinyl rip. Not exactly rare but not exactly easy to get. So gorgeous I almost can't believe it's real. 

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