Monday, May 25, 2009

your undies are showing

The people over at circlesquaretriangle put up a radio thing with post-Presets Sydney duo Ted & Francis a few days back. Now the EP has landed, through etcetc and hipster French label Kitsune, who have their undies showing and have to lie down to put their jeans on. 
This is a lovely track from Ted & Francis, so of the moment, so melancholy and eyelined and sure. I like it a lot.

Meanwhile in a bizarre convergence, Kitsune (which is also the Japanese word for fox) will soon do their 7th compile of hipster anthems. The Classixx remix of Pheonix from the new Phoenix album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (which itself is really, really great, especially that Love Like A Sunset two part epic in the middle) is awesome: it's boogie, it's '83, it's ELO.  Classixx are from LA. Here's a funky amateur video of them DJing...and what the hell is that first track? Heartsrevolution do an interlude style runout groove which steals deliciously from The Beatles' Across The Universe but they're allowed to do things like that because they're impossibly young and feted and from New York and don't yet use their real names. And Lindstrom's mate Prins Thomas' re-reub of James Yuill is perfect barefoot space-pop. No need for slip-ons if you wear no shoes while walking on the moon.

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